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Introducing StreetPlan, a free drag & drop tool for creating Complete Street ideas in just minutes. StreetPlan analyzes your design as you make it, giving you instant color-coded Best Practice guidance from the Institute of Transportation Engineers and the Congress for New Urbanism.

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How Can StreetPlan Help You?

    Are You an Urban Planner?
  • Gain quick consensus on what stakeholders want, so you can focus on how to get it!
  • Create low-cost street upgrades, expanding to a full vision in later phases.
  • Depict typical section standards for new streets
  • Save time/money with do-it-yourself high-res graphics for your plans and meetings
  • Hire architects & engineers after stakeholders agree on a vision.
  • Get public feedback on your ideas
  • Create excitement for Complete Streets and Sustainable Development
  • Encourage consultants to use StreetPlan for your plans and corridor studies
    Architect or Consultant?
  • Gain competitive advantage with StreetPlan’s “free and fast” high-quality renderings
  • Use StreetPlan to help stakeholders unify around a small set of ideas, then create higher-quality, 3D renderings your normal way once you’ve narrowed the choices.
    Concerned Citizen?
  • Create sketches of what you’d like to see, then rally your neighbors to city hall!

Start using StreetPlan now! No download required! Note: StreetPlan is brand new. It has bugs that we know about, and more to be discovered. If you find bugs or opportunities for improvement, please let us know!

Core Features of

StreetPlan – Complete Streets

StreetPlan – Aerial View

StreetPlan – Form & Function

StreetPlan – Travel Demand

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